Dental Mission:

The Hallmark of Dr. Mabe’s professional career

Passionately treating the dental needs of people around the world

Since 1990, Dr. Mabe has traveled to places like Ecuador, Panama, Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic, offering thousands of hours of free dentistry to children who live in orphanages and people who would otherwise not be able to easily obtain dental care. Partnering with local ministries that are on the ground in these countries has allowed him the opportunity to continue to return to the same areas time and again.

The personal philosophy that inspires Dr. Mabe to treat patients at home and around the world through missions is wrapped up in a reflective statement penned by Dr. Mabe more than 25 years ago. Upon returning from his first mission trip, serving the Inca Indians in the beautiful Andes Mountains in Ecuador, he journaled these words:

“It’s the touch of compassion, the satisfaction of an accurate diagnosis, the peace in a quieted fear, the joy of service and the miracle of a healthy smile.”
~ Dr. Paul Mabe (1990)

Dr. Paul Mabe has been practicing in Naples since February 2014. Prior to that time, he had a family dental practice in the Midwest for 23 years. Dr. Mabe and his wife, Yvette, have been vacationing in Naples since 1996.

In October 2015, Dr. Paul Mabe purchased the practice of Dr. Marc Beattie, formerly the practice of Dr. Larry Anderson in Naples, Florida.

For more than 26 years, they have devoted their skills and hearts to passionately treating the dental needs of people who are unable to pay for dental care.

Domestically and locally, they have cared for:

  • Unwed mothers through local churches and pregnancy resource centers.
  • Orphans and school children in the Dominican Republic, providing education, meals, uniforms and dental care.
  • Widows and single women in the U.S., Ecuador, Panama and the Dominican Republic.
  • Families who are in need.

They have provided dental care in other countries in makeshift dental clinics in the Andes mountains in Ecuador, banana plantations in Panama, and in churches and schools throughout the Dominican Republic.

When they travel for missions, their two daughters travel with them as well as team members. It is a life-changing opportunity every time they embark upon a new mission to improve the health of the beautiful smiles all around the world.

A portion of the revenue at Naples Family Dentist is reinvested and donated to ministry organizations internationally and locally.