Preventive Care:  A Natural Approach to your Health and Healing

Our dentist and team at Naples Family Dentist are strong advocates of preventive care and oral hygiene. We know that it is easier to stop a problem from developing than it is to repair damage already done to your teeth. We offer a number of preventive treatments at our office, and will happily review your home care routine and nutritional habits with you to help you maintain excellent oral health.

When bacteria forms on your gums, gum disease, or periodontal disease can develop quickly. With this condition you may begin to experience gum inflammation and bleeding, loose teeth, and persistently bad breath. If gum disease is left untreated, you may lose your teeth and jawbone to decay. Naples Family Dentist believes that the mouth is the gateway to your entire body.  We understand that you can also suffer systemic health issues including heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. The health of your mouth and your body are intricately connected. To prevent you from suffering complications in either area, our holistically focused multispecialty team offers ozone therapy during your dental cleanings.

Ozone, a gas made up of oxygen atoms, has been shown to be effective in killing harmful microorganisms while leaving the beneficial ones—known as our oral microbiome—untouched. Completed with ozonated water, ozone therapy provides a natural, hypoallergenic alternative to chemical-based disinfection of diseased tissue in both dental and medical applications. With this innovative therapy, we can provide exceptional results for you, enabling you to reclaim healthy, comfortable gums to keep you eating nutritious meals and smiling more because your smile feels so great!

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