Platelet-Rich Fibrin (PRF)

Dr. Paul Mabe uses Platelet-Rich Fibrin (PRF) allowing patients to take full advantage of their body’s natural healing capacity at a significantly increased rate. In PRF therapy the patient’s own blood is drawn in the office and spun using a centrifuge to isolate the concentrate of platelets and growth factors. The platelets are then reintroduced back into the body strategically helping to grow and heal the bone. This concentrated platelet portion of the blood contains three to five times the healing power of normal blood. PRF therapy uses a type of protein located in your blood that is found nowhere else to enhance healing through stimulating the regeneration of bone, muscle, blood vessels, nerve tissue and more.


When Is PRF Used?

PRF therapy can be used in conjunction with dental implants, tooth extractions and sinus lifts.


Advantages to Using PRF Therapy


PRF is a result of using the patient’s own blood, disease transmission is not an issue.


PRF is generated in the office during the patient’s dental treatment and is ready to use during procedure.

Faster Healing Process

The application of PRF therapy accelerates recovery time and stimulates the body’s natural healing process.


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