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Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal

Dr. Paul Mabe safely and effectively removes mercury fillings, commonly known as “silver fillings” or amalgams at our office using eye protection, a rubber dam, supplemental oxygen, two high powered suction extractors, Iso-lite suction, ozone therapy, thyroid protection and weighted blankets to cover your entire body. Dr. Paul Mabe then repairs the affected tooth with a safe, nontoxic and natural-tooth-colored material that is a BPA-free and Bis-GMA-free biocompatible product.

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Dangers of Mercury Fillings

Mercury is poisonous to the body and should not be in the mouth. Silver fillings are composed of 50% elemental mercury by weight. Mercury vapor may be released into the body every time you chew, inhale, and drink hot coffee or tea and more. Mercury poisoning from fillings can possibly lead to tremors, headaches, insomnia, nerve damage, kidney problems, brain damage and respiratory failure. The best option is removing the fillings as soon as possible.

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