How to Choose the Right Floss

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Are you interested in finding the right floss for your smile? Well, our dentist, Dr. Paul Mabe, is happy to help you. It’s important to choose the best floss for your oral hygiene routine so you can properly and effectively clean the teeth and gums. So, to help you choose the floss you need, our dentist is happy to give you some floss information, which is:

-Wide floss, like dental tape, can help clean dental bridges and other dental restorations. It can also help clean teeth that have wider-than-average gaps between them.

-Waxed floss can be easier to maneuver between closely spaced teeth. This is because the slick coating can make the floss easier to slide into tight spaces.

-Unwaxed floss can help you clean between teeth that aren’t as tightly knit.

-Bonded unwaxed floss tends to remain whole and it avoids fraying easily. However, it does break more often than waxed floss.

If you would like to use products other than dental floss to clean the smile, you can also use water flossers and flossing picks. You can also use floss threaders to make flossing with dental floss easier.

If you have any questions or if you would like to know more about floss in Naples, Florida, please reach out to Naples Family Dentist today at 239-566-7737. When you contact our dental team, we will be happy to give you the answers and information you need. We look forward to telling you all about floss!