Is Fluoride Safe?

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Fluoride is a mineral that is found throughout the earth’s crust and in nature. Fluoride can even be found in foods and water supplies, but is it safe? Yes, fluoride in the recommended amount can be healthy for your smile and can help keep your teeth safe from cavities.

Our dentist, Dr. Paul Mabe, is excited for you to know more about fluoride and your oral health. That’s why our team at Naples Family Dentist in Naples, Florida, want you to be comfortable with fluoride treatments and supplements.

Fluoride is safe and helpful for you. When used in the recommended amounts, fluoride can help protect your teeth from cavities.

Fluoride treated water in an 8-ounce glass of water, has only 0.25 milligrams of fluoride. A toxic dose of fluoride even for a 2-year-old child is 320 milligrams. That means that a child would have to drink 1,280 cups of water in a short period of time to receive a toxic dose of fluoride.

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